Till now, 2017 has been a crazy year in the fashion world. A lot of new trends gained popularity and won our hearts.

Same goes with some decent hair trends set by celebrities. Today, we list some of the best hairstyles of 2017!

  1. Shoulder Length Bob cut


Bob cut has been a popular hairstyle trend for any occasion since 90s. It is a shoulder grazing Bob with the level of layers placed around the bottom. Lately, Lucy Hale was seen with this hairstyle.

  1. Top Plait


Inspired by Rihanna, top plait has been one of the most trending hairstyles of 2017. Top plait is a combination of a high ponytail with a fishtail braid. How to make it look perfect till the end of the day? Here’s a little trick. Use some Bobby pins to anchor the braid onto the base of the ponytail.

  1. Chest length hair with long layers

This hairstyle is considered best for the squared shaped faces. This is because of the length and the layers being kept long and below the chin. These layers and length help in making face look a little bit lean. Make sure that you and your hair stylist are successful in framing these layers of the hairstyle in a perfect way after a haircut.

  1. Curly Bob with fringe


Another Bob cut in the list, this hairstyle is inspired from the celebrity Alanna Arrington. If you want to try this hairstyle, ask your hairstylist to incorporate a lot of short and vertical layers in the hair. This will make sure that the curls do not end up being a triangle-shaped.

  1. Baby braids


This summer of 2017 is a peak plait season. For mastering this hairstyle you do not need to do any hard work. Just incorporate some simple braids in the hair, whether it’s up or down. It is one of the easiest hairstyles with an attractive look to try on.

These are some of the best hairstyles of the year. So what are you waiting for? Visit or consult your hairstylist soon or  just do it yourself!

Life is too short to have boring hair. So experiment girls!

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