Aspire World Imaginations- A Mayank Thakur Initiative

Aspire World Imaginations – Why it started?

Mayank Thakur-Founder & Chairman of Aspire World Imaginations want to share my journey with all those thousands of people who ask me daily how you succeeded in life and how you’re helping others in changing their lives. Aspire World Imaginations is inspired by my imaginations and creativity and the desire to uplift the generation which is going nowhere in this 21st century. They lack passion and vision and need the right path and guidance.

How the journey started?

I started my journey from a small tea stall in Delhi where I use to work with my father from morning 5 am to 11 pm serving tea to people.

I have seen my father spending his whole life struggling at the same tea stall. One day at work my father got a Cardiac Arrest & with tears & fears in my eyes I rushed him to the hospital.

My mother, sister and me were crying in the hospital in front of him and it was a big setback.

My father lying in hospital  helplessly called me closer and spoke sorry in my ears because he never wanted us to see us this way.

I still remember the time when my mother sold her jewelry for his treatment & we were running helplessly here & there.

As I had no place to go for help I went to the church & cried for days there because I was not able to help my family.

I felt so useless & broken after seeing my family conditions & tears in eyes of everyone so that very day I fought with God & said that I will never ever come and seek your help!

That very day I decided to help my family & left everything. I became focused & started searching for earning opportunities. Few days passed away I met a guy who told me about an industry from where I can make quick money to help my family & that industry was Network Marketing.

In India people take this industry for granted & never see any good in this industry. When I started working with this platform everybody mocked at me & made fun of me which gave me more & more reasons to work harder & prove them that no work is small or big rather its your thinking which makes work big or small.

You think life is tough?

I started journey with few hundred rupees & gave my best efforts.

I walked miles barefooted for giving motivation to other people.

I begged so many people to listen to me but most of them ignored me in beginning.

I got so many rejections in life which again & again motivated me to move forward & prove myself.

I set my goals very clear.

I never listened to anybody.

I faced all problems & worries.

I ignored all the negativity & kept on moving forward.

After struggling for 6 months & failing so many times I realized that these failures & losses are actually preparing me for something better.

Every evening I used to go to same church & keep asking God that give me more & more pain. It was about how much he can test me & how many hardships he can give me.

Sooner I became confident, people started listening to me as this Mayank Thakur was inspiring & always motivating.

“Changes initiates transformation”-Mayank Thakur

Firstly I transformed my life in many ways.

The boy who started his journey with just few hundred rupees started making headlines as he turned a government registered multi millionaire in young age of 21 & declared myself as self made crorepati in age of 22.

The family started feeling relaxed as I asked my father to stop going to that same old tea shop & just enjoy the fruits of my success.

While doing my MBA from IMT, Ghaziabad I achieved many dreams & fulfilled my responsibility towards my family.

I gifted cars to my family estimated combined value of over 5 millions.

Then I took responsibility of my sister’s marriage & spent over 2 millions.

Than I gifted a beautiful home to my family which values up to 10 millions currently.

I made huge investments & reached a point where I declared myself financially free in age of 27.

Those people who once rejected me are now employed under me. They seek my blessings & take teachings to grow in life.

I had nothing left to prove to people & to world as once a useless boy is now worthy & making others useless people know their real worth …

I again go to same church everyday but now the tears of pain are transformed into tears of happiness. I sit their & try to ask God that what should I do now….

The best possible answer which I get from him & my inner soul is :

” Help others & transform their lives “

Everyday millions of Mayank Thakur are crying & seeking for help. Why not make them worthy?

This is not the end of my story rather its a beginning of a revolution which is called as ASPIRE WORLD IMAGINATIONS

“Aspire World Imaginations- Rise by lifting others”

Where every day thousands of people are growing by helping each other with only one motto of Aspire World Imaginations is to ” Rise by lifting others ”

Lots more is coming your way & sooner or later this spark will convert itself into a fire which will keep doing magic for years to come.

Thanks a lot for being the reason of my success & also for being my strength.

God bless you all & may he showers your life with all the prosperity & success !!!!

You may not get what you desire but you surly get what you deserve. You get only one life so please don’t pass it just like that. Make yourself worthy, value your life, make your life extraordinary, live each & every second of life to the fullest!

Truly Yours

Mayank Thakur

Aspire World Imaginations


  1. Mr. Mayank thakur sir you are god to many as you have changed many lives across the nation , and yes one should first study about network marketing properly so that they can make a right decision and i think nobody wants to work at the age of 60 and everybody wants financial freedom and the thing youngster never notice that they are running after the jobs where competition is very high and they are ignoring this beautiful industry just because of their mindset , because they are always told to study and then get a job and they listen to their parents but they don’t realise that they are aware of the new technologies and changing times their parents are not , and the biggest fool is the one who doesn’t change with time

  2. very inspiring and motivating story of Mr Mayank Thakur ji and ASPIRE WORLD IMAGINATIONS . Mayank sir’s story inspires us to work hard in order to achieve our goals in life and ASPIRE WORLD IMAGINATIONS Provides us a platform to achieve our goals. Mayank thakur sir you are inspiration for all the people who are working hard to achieve their goals in life, and your success story is a wake up call to all the people to get serious in their lives. ASPIRE WORLD IMAGINATIONS is an initiative that help people to establish their identity as an individual and not as a servicemen but as a job creator and an entrepreneur by providing them such an amazing opportunity to excel in life

    It’s not just a name..or a company or an organisation..
    But..rather than all of the above.. It’s a FAMILY for thousands of KIDS across the NATION..
    I feel blessed and very very very happy to become a part of this family… And if all of this is possible, then it is just because of that ONE MAN ARMY named MR. MAYANK THAKUR SIR..❤️
    He is God for thousands and for me also.. A charismatic man who’s been changing lives of thousands of youth.. I m really being a part of this FAMILY, I made my parents proud and happier then ever..
    It’s soon.. the day will come when ASPIRE will be recognised, not just by THOUSANDS..but…BY EACH N EVERY CITIZEN OF THE COUNTRY AND ACROSS THE NATION as a LIFE CHANGING REVOLUTION..❤️

  4. Aspire World Imaginations Pvt. Ltd. ke liye kuch panktiya…

    A – Aspire se honge..
    S – Sab sapne..
    P – Poore..
    I – Iss..
    R – Rah par..
    E – Ek dafa, chal kar to dekh…

    A- Aasman me..
    S – Sooraj chamkega tera..
    P – Pawan bhi kuch..
    I – Iss kadar gayegi..
    R – Raag Tera..
    E – Ek baar isse tu shiddat de kr to dekh…

    A – Ayga wo..
    S – Sunhera Din bhi jab..
    P – Poore..
    I – India me ayga..
    R – Revolution..
    E – Ek dafa tu humaare hausle par bharosa kar k to dekh…


  5. Great initiative by aspire world imaginations…changing lives across so so many youngsters across india. Its truely said change begins with ones ownself and if we want some change we need ti be the one. Great article.

  6. Aspire world imagination is one of the best career making oppotunity for students well supported by Mayank sir and the team changed my life from zero to something and made everything

  7. Aspire World Imaginations Pvt Ltd is a company rather a family that has changed the life of many youngsters including me. Mayank Thakur sir is the best mentor one can have. This is an opportunity worth grabbing. This project has changed my life. I feel blessed to be a part of Aspire World Imaginations Pvt Ltd. Positivity and motivation is what I get in life because of Aspire.
    In a blink of an eye, Aspire World Imaginations Pvt has become an inseparable part of life.
    Thank you so so much Mayank Thakur sir for being there. God bless us and may we all together reach heights of success 🙂

  8. Aspire World Imaginations Pvt Ltd changes the lives of many people across the country,i don’t know how many people know about ASPIRE but one day every youngster of our country and also outside the country know what is ASPIRE, for me it is a FAMILY simple as that, since i am working for last 2 months,i seriously learnt lot of things. Apart from all of these things there i’ll make my own family where my mentors treat like me as his/her brother.There when i was a a fresher in the aspire and not knowing nothing,there when i saw people aged approx 18-21,there i feel lots of energy,positivity,and motivation.. i feel woww..what is this man seriously….ladies and gentleman seriously when you see ,this makes you feel goosebumps.

    Apart from that, our motivation our (GURUJI/MENTOR) MR.MAYANK THAKUR SIR who gave this platform for putting our thoughts not into the reel world but into the real world ..I know thank you is not much enough to describe your hardwork as well as smart work for making this happen and giving us a very big family.

    but still thank you ,thank you soo much for thiss ..i really means a alot..and yes we are always there for
    whatever the circumstances are…

  9. ASPIRE WORLD IMAGINATIONS😍 is an initiative which is started by MAYANK THAKUR SIR🙏 that help people to establish their identity as an individual..This is an opportunity worth grabbing. This project has changed many life…I am feeling very happy 😃for becoming a part of this family..I feel lots of confidence and motivation when I saw people aged of 18- 20 yrs💕…ASPIRE has become an inseparable part of life❤….ASPIRE WORLD IMAGINATIONS👈 is a platform to achieve the success and future goals…Thank you MAYANK SIR😘 for changing many lives….


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