Neymar Jr to Paris Saint Germain is almost done and now the biggest headache for Barcelona’s board is to find a replacement for the Brazilian. Barcelona has been linked to Ousmane Dembele for a long time but in a recent interview the Dortmund wonder-kid has expressed his intentions of not leaving Signal Iduna Park. So, what’s now for Barcelona?

Barcelona’s board and fans were hopeful of snatching away Borrusia Dortmund’s wonder-kid Ousmane Dembele but nearly 11hours ago the French international gave an interview to ‘Bild’ where he stated that, To be honest, this speculation doesn’t interest me at all. I like being here in Dortmund and I decided to join Dortmund after my time at Rennes.”

But, what Barcelona can do here is to pursue his great friend Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. Aubameyang can be a great addition to Barcelona as he have a little bit bigger experience of playing as a winger also he’s a better option than Angel Di Maria and could lead Dembele to Barcelona maybe.

At this point, Dembele doesn’t want to leave Dortmund for this season and is committed to the club. For now, the best option Dembele isn’t going to come with Kylian Mbape almost set to join Real Madrid is a thing to worry for Barcelona because Mbape is a Real Madrid fan and has expressed his dreams about wearing the famous white jersey of Madrid.

Now, the options Barcelona have at the moment is Philippe Coutinho who is at Liverpool and haven’t said anything about his situation although Jurgen Klopp has expressed his simple ‘NO’ to the transfer but it’s the only option with some hope in it.

Fans and critics are suggesting Paulo Dybala but ignoring the fact that he’s not a winger and by saying this it means that Barcelona cannot modify him into a right-winger because his best position is playing at Striker’s position or just behind it. Also, the amount is highest for Dybala in comparison to other targets thus it’ll a waste.

Now, according to me what Barcelona can do is that bring on Philippe Coutinho first of all as he’s now the only option for them with some hope in it. Bring Coutinho on the first place and then try for convince Dembele and Aubmeyang both this year and only Aubameyang this year.

People are also forgetting that Coutinho to Barcelona was not all because of Neymar as we all know that Neymar and Coutinho are childhood friends but Luis Suarez also have a great relationship with Coutinho and no wonder he can help the little magician a lot because some years ago he was also in the same situation.

But, one thing is clear that Coutinho should be the priority for Barcelona as getting Dembele and Aubameyang both at the same window is quite hard. But, for now the list of options replacing Neymar Jr have only three names and those are Coutinho, Dembele and Aubameyang.

It’s hard to understand that why big European club aren’t going for Aubameyang as he’s the one who is single-handedly taking Dortmund by storm and also was one of the very best strikers in the world. Thus, getting all three is going to be like a bigger fairy tale and a cracker from Barcelona but they have to get two from these three and Aubameyang should be one of those two as he’s the one who is a pure goal scorer. Dembele may come next year or Coutinho as it’s all about whether those players sign a commitment or not that they will come next year or not.

Well, in the end if Barcelona can have all these players or Coutinho and Dembele then no wonder talks of Neymar’s shoe-filling will end in a quick.

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