Thinking about 90s fashion one thing has always been favorite for all the designers and celebs.

And that my ladies is the craze for tie & dye, even now we can rock tie & dye outfits. We have endless options to go for when it comes to tie and dye and each one of them has its own beauty. As you can be as creative as you want to with the choice of colors and this is why we have come up with great ideas that will definitely turn heads.

STYLE 1: Tops/ Crop tops/ Shrugs/ Shirts etc

Now when it comes to tops and crop tops the best way to carry them is with plain bottoms. These can be worn with shorts, skirts or trousers.

Shrugs and shirts are the best way to add a little funk to your style as they add pop of colors to the outfit. So you can go for bright color option and pair them up with plain tank tops or t-shirts.

During fall season you can switch on to tie & dye hoodies and sweatshirts.

STYLE 2: Bikinis/ Crochets/ Swim suits

Bring in the rainbow colors in your outfit with tie & dye where you can mark your presence in a million.

You can pair up your swim suits with cool accessories like bracelets or tiara or a cool pair of goggles and you’re all set to attend pool parties.

STYLE 3: Bottoms

So in tie & dye we have a huge range of bottoms, ranging from skirts, shorts, flairs, trousers to denims. We all have been surrounded with many options, just find your right pair of bottoms and pair them up with any plain or pastel color top or tanks. And here you go!

STYLE 4: Dresses/ Gowns

This is my favorite of all! Dresses are the most comfortable outfit especially during summers. You can try dresses or gowns with simple trendy footwear to give it a comfy and casual look and to make it a little more interesting you can pair them up with accessories of your choice.

STYLE 5: Headbands/ Scarves

Now coming to this, your hair deserve a little bit of makeover too. So to create a style statement choose  best pieces of tie & dye, either go for tie & dye head bands or you can also use your tie & dye scarf as a head gear.

Also keep in mind, in order to make your outfit funky, do not over do with colors. So many colors when clubbed together can lead to a disaster. So be careful.

Stay colorful and switch on the best in you!

Image Source – Google Images


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