Popularly known as ‘Iron Man’ , Robert Downey Jr. still manages to mint millions with eye-watering upfront fees for his superhero roles.

However, life had not been as kind to Robert Jr. as it is now. He had fallen from the top of the heavens to the roadside at one stage of his career, due to his acute drug addiction, but he refused to give up on life, and worked his butt off  to emerge as the most loving fictional character, which justifies his own journey.

  1. Emerging star of the Hollywood Industry


Robert Downey Jr. belongs to a family indulged in show business. His father Robert Downey Sr. was a cult filmmaker, which backs Downey’s inclination towards this field . In the late 80s, Downey Jr. started making a name for himself as one of the most promising actors. He scored film roles in different movies such as ‘Weird Science’, ‘The Pickup Artist’ , ‘Chaplin’ and ‘Less Than Zero’.

  1. Like father, Like son


Robert Downey Sr. was also a drug addict. He passed this addiction to his son when he let him try marijuana at the age of 8 and from there, he embarked for an unfortunate fate. Downey Jr. himself revealed how drug was the only source of connection between his father and him, and he felt as if intoxication was the sole medium to validate their love towards each other. Shadow of this illicit world started falling on his career as it went into a downhill.

  1. When the world turned upside down


Name any drug and Downey Jr. had tried it! Soon his illicit activities caught the attention of law and in no time, he was arrested for the possession of heroin and cocaine, and keeping firearms illegally. Ever since then for the next five years, he had been in various ins and outs of jail. He was firmly advised to join rehab centers and harshly criticised for practicing such immoral deeds. His acting career was in jeopardy, as no filmmaker desired to cast a man with such criminal records.

  1. Battle for survival


With the claims of the end of his career, Robert Downey Jr. abstained from his past stains and decided to get control of his actions and life. He became engrossed in his work and broke himself out of the drug addiction. He welcomed the people who could bring positivity to his life, and his wife played a very important role in establishing such positive foundations, by ensuring that he abide by his aims. As a result, he got successful in doing so and achieved a lot of success, becoming one of the best movie actors Hollywood ever had.

Robert Downey Jr. not only inspires us to burn both ends of the candle to achieve our goals, but also compels to abandon any thoughts of giving up on life at any stage.

It is not necessary that the life which looks sparkling on the surface, holds the same spark beneath it, and the situations might not remain the same once the ugly truth uncovers. Difficult times are faced by all of us, but if we manage to overcome our distress and make up our mind to not affect ourselves by anybody but us, we may rise from the ashes!

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