No second thoughts, girls’ hostels are one of “the most interesting places” that could ever exist.

Not because the wild fantasies about the same are true (or you could think that way if it pleases you), but there are hoard of stories and experiences that can never be too boring to discuss. If you have ever been a part of girls’ hostel, you would remember the crazy fun you must have had.

It is absolutely a new experience, moving out from a comfy shell, within which you were highly pampered, and putting up in a place, where you could witness the amalgamation of all type of girls- All types! They shout, they chirp, they hustle, they burp; but whatever may be the situation, this place always helps in bursting the balloon of your boredom.

However or wherever the hostel might be, we would forever cherish our time with our girlfriends because once you live in hostel with your girls, nothing can break that bond forever.

So here are some events that all the girls who ever lived in girls’ hostel would relate to:

Asking for midnight snack, because hunger!


We can never possibly imbibe the idea of usual mess food and the confused concept of the right time to sleep. Talking about food, you definitely must have knocked doors of almost every person you know in hostel, for some food in midnight. Initially, you might ridicule each other’s eatables, but gradually you understand how those eatables are the only things which help you survive the deadly mess food and the badly hungry nights. The thoughts about the same mutate to, ‘Just stuff em whenever you get em.’

Thanks to instant noodles


We should literally hunt the person who came up with the concept of instant noodles. He has fed thousands of poor, wretched, hungry demons, being haunted by hunger. Quick and fulfilling, aren’t they?

You never run out of clothes to wear


Have you got a date tomorrow, but no clothes? Easy, you just need to find a girl of almost similar size as yours and voila! you are all set to twirl in your mate’s red dress, that might be gifted by her date or she had been hiding since a week from your eagle eyes, but alas! empathy is what hostel girls hold. Hostel is one big grooming machine. You don’t just have one wardrobe, you have dozens.

Breaking the curfew rule


Bet you have many times ended up in a trouble for reaching late than the mentioned time of the hostel. And the best part, you even stop caring after a point. There are millions of times we think we can handle it but when you reach there, the guns are ready to be shot at you.

Risky nightout plans


We want to explore the world at night of course, thus the real fun is not returning to hostel at all. Young souls don’t bother about the consequences so nightout it is! The risk of getting caught is unimaginable but until in trouble , enjoyyy.

Small alcohol parties inside hostel


Rules are rules, but what has ever been a significance of them if you have not been a rebel. Since the rules obligate you to never have alcohol, you manage to escape the confines to enjoy booze anyway. Not just that, you dare to do that in your hostel room; and initially those scenes of managing to enter with alcohol add to the trippy enjoyment of nights.

Late night gossip sessions


Once you start, you will never actually stop. The presence of a bunch of girls is enough to lighten the burden of your gossipmonger inside. Trust us, the girls in girls’ hostel are no less tan a news channel. The grapevine is extremely tight. You better not mess with them, or else you never know how far your privacy could be exposed.

Random dress trials


This has definitely happened (frequently) with you, if you were in a hostel. Who waits for the events to occur in order to don good clothes and look great? No worries, wear them in your dorm and pretend it’s a party. Followed by selfies, of course.

Hostel life is indeed tough. But no roller coaster is interesting if you don’t go up and drop down suddenly. Plus if you have your girls with you, everything is handled. Remember, hostel is a place where you make bonds that last forever.

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