Bella Hadid has been making some headlines lately for holding hands with rumoured Beau DJ Daniel Chetrit and now the supermodel has got a new tattoo on her Elbow. Let’s Find out what it is!

Being a model, you have to take care of innumerable things. Strict diet, hectic working hours and yes your body Ofcourse. When you are a model, it’s pretty tough for you to get a tattoo on your body as it should not affect your career. But it seems like Bella Hadid has mastered the art when it comes to choosing the areas for her Inkings.

The 20-year old supermodel recently got a new tattoo on her Elbow and we bet ya, It is one of the cutest things you will ever see. Bella Hadid decided to get a tattoo of a petite rose and to be honest she didn’t disappoint.

Bella opted to go for the same guy who inked her ankle last time and he was none other than the Celebrity tattoo artist, JonBoy. The supermodel took to Snapchat to tease her millions of fans before getting the tiny rose Inked on her Elbow and as soon the little masterpiece was completed, JonBoy posted an epic Black-White of the tattoo on his Instagram account.

Isn’t that tiny tattoo really cute?? Well her fans are in love with her and her tattoo and so are we. The results were same as expected as JonBoy never disappoints! With a record of Inking some famous superstars like Zayn Malik, Hailey Baldwin and Kendall Jenner, everyone knew the tattoo was going to be an endearing one.

Sweet like…😋

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However, this was not the first time Bella Hadid had experienced that Tattoo Gun pain as earlier this year, she got another tattoo from JonBoy and that time it was a couple of angel wings on her ankle.


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What do you think is the meaning behind this tattoo?? Any Guesses? Well, Bella haven’t revealed any information about what’s the reason behind this tattoo. However, You don’t need a reason to get your elbow inked, Current mood also plays a key role!

Do you like Bella Hadid’s new tiny Tattoo? Let us know in the comment box.

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