There’s no ambiguity in the idea that the best leaks of the gadgets come from their manufacturers themselves.

Talking about gadgets, we will reveal how the top brand gadget, i.e Apple, accidentally revealed what the next iPhone’s going to be and what features will be provided to its customers.


Confirmed by the developer Steve Troughton-Smith, who investigated and dug into the homepod firmware and found the presence of ‘Pearl ID’ in BiometricKit, infrared unlocking feature based on face recognition. Though it is not confirmed yet, whether the Pearl ID will be the official name of the feature or it will carry the legacy of touch ID, following by the name Face ID.


IOS developer, Guilherme Rambo, too investigated the Homepod firmware , and found out the codename for the next iPhone- D22 it is. Apparently, Apple codenames its next projects for security reasons.


The Homepod firmware contains the glyph of next iPhone or D22. The glyph shows an edge-to-edge display and no home button in the front, and thus confirms a design which was rumouring around in the market. A notch at the top may include the earpiece and various sensors, including IR , which may be used for face recognition in dark mode.

These accidental leaks happened earlier when Apple was about to launch its Macbook pro. This incident could be corresponded to the time when Touch-ID was leaked in a similar fashion.


It is no less than a monumental scenario for Apple for leaking such a confidential matter. We don’t know whether they did it intentionally or they just missed out encrypting those things, but now since all is done and it has been acknowledged finally, let’s not refrain from appreciating the beautiful design it has, and thank god! Apple is doing it this time.

With the approaching date of next iPhone’s release, we are expecting more of these leaks and accidental fallouts from Apple about their new upcoming devices.

Image Source – Google Images


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