Nights make the best time to go for all the plans. Be it raving all night or just sitting at home, studying for something real serious.

No doubt nights make the best partners. But as you see, nights have got a major job to do, and it is to make all your jobs to come to halt and get you a sleep.

Well let’s get to the numbers. According to a survey by The Hindu, about 93% of Indians are sleep deprived, and the National Survey of US reflects that 75% of Americans fail to get the appropriate amount of sleep . So if sleep deprivation was a hunter, most of you reading this have already been shot dead. A lot of people have reported waking up in the middle of the night more than one times for no reason, and then you just might end up not sleeping at all. CAUTION! You might turn into an insane insomniac. The major effects of sleep deprivation are eating disorders, incapability to take decisions, nausea, high blood pressure, weakened immunity, low sex drive and weight gain.


See, whether or not your body wants some rest, and even if it forces you inside out to plan a movie marathon or complete your target project, but your brain will unequivocally need a nap because it needs rest to function properly.

Now, if both of these go out of sync, then you might accelerate your chances of being confronted with some serious sleeping paralysis too. These make you unable to move in the middle of the night and you also start hallucinating weird stuff. Many people have reported the demonic presence roaming in their rooms, don’t worry the demons came in just to remind you that you should probably work on your sleeping routines.

There is another sleeping paralysis called ‘the old hag syndrome’ where people experience a demonic creature sitting on their chest and choking them, and the victims are unable to move or wake up completely.

To your astonishment, the blood-curdling part is that, it all happens with your eyes open. Scary isn’t it? There do exist certain shocking statistics, which state, that there are around 34.6% people who are permanent victims of sleep paralysis, and being a victim of this does not need any medical history, they might happen to anybody with irregular sleeping patterns.

Scientists have stated the ideal time to sleep for all ages:

Infants:                    12-15 hrs
(4- 11 months)
Toddlers:                 11-14 hrs
(1-2 years)
School children         9-11 hrs
(4-13 years)
Teenagers                  8-10 hrs
(14-17 years)
Young Adults               7-9 hrs
(18-25 years)
Adults                          7-9 hrs
(26-64 years)
Older Adults                7-8 hrs
(≥ 65 years)

How to get rid of sleep deprivation :


  • Sleep (obviously!)

    Now, the solution of the problem lies in the root itself. Try not sleeping more than the needed time at once. This might lead to uneven sleeping schedules and might also completely mess up your sleeping patterns. Try to take small naps in between and as our parents said, “Go to bed in time”

  • Get tired

    The other remedy is to make sure that you get tired. Get involved in lot of physical activities, which might doze you off easily.

  • Wash your feet with warm water before going to bed

    This is a lesser known fact that not many know. But getting your feet a warm wash soothes our body and this helps to get a better sleep at night.

  • Have lighter meals before the bedtime

    The larger the meal you have, the more does it reduce your body’s digestion process to ruins. Take lesser oily and lesser spicy food closer to your sleeping time, and make sure you have a 2 hours gap between your dinner and bedtime.

  • Make sure your phones are in the invisible zone

    The phone consumes a lot of space in your consciousness even when you keep trying to sleep. Of course, there might be interesting gossip in there but hold the thoughts! Such gossips keep on pinging in every 2 minutes and trust me, you don’t want to be sleep deprived zombie next day. There are various apps like nights keeper which will help you avoid unnecessary calls, and it also has a whitelist that allows some of your contacts to have the allowances to call you at night. Try not keeping your boss in that list :p

  • Bid bye to bae for good nights 

    Well, if you’re a coffee lover, you wouldn’t take time to decipher who this ‘bae’ is. Ah, yes! and not just coffee but anything with caffeine content will affect your beauty sleep miserably, and according to research, caffeine is not an essential part of your meal. Just include it in the guilty pleasure’s list. Caffeine, if taken 6 hours before bedtime can reduce your sleep by an hour and with increasing quantity it might go more harmful. So turn your back to the caffeine products. Try bidding them goodbye, for the nights at least.

Also, ensure that you are avoiding any stress, because stress is the antagonist in this whole picture. Get some happy vibes before you sleep and get a good comfy bed for yourself. Good night!

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