One of the best footballers to ever step in the football ground and who is considered the greatest of all time by many, Lionel Messi, inspires us in many ways.

Yes, he’s our featured man for today, and his rules of success will compel you to work your fingers to the bone to attain your life goals!

In case you are unaware of this legendary personality, Lionel Messi is an Argentine professional footballer, who also plays for Spanish football club ‘FC Barcelona’. At the age of  30, he had achieved a lot of success and had set many records against his name. Without any doubt, he is all worthy to make his name go down in history as one of the best (if not the best) footballers of all time. Let’s see what can we learn from him:

  • Do it, if you love it


Messi was once asked, “Why do you say it doesn’t matter to you going down in history as the greatest player ever?” His reply was “The only thing that matters is playing. I have enjoyed it since I was a kid and I still try to do that when I go out on a pitch”. With his answer, he not only reflects his dedication towards his passion, but also proves himself, a man of character. Success failed to go to his head and his such well-grounded attitude is also a must learn quality for all ambitious young people out there. But remember, whatever you do, do it because you love to do it!

  •  Always aim for more


Messi has won many trophies for FC Barcelona. What keeps him motivated for staying and keep playing is his hunger for winning more. Messi always abided by this rule, and abstained to cease his desire for achieving more. Do note, always aim for more.

  • Stay focused


This is a golden rule of everyone’s success, and same goes with Messi. He stayed focused on what he was doing from the beginning, turning a blind eye to every distraction he came across. This is what we learn; set goals, focus and achieve! Follow this chain, and success will fit into your fist.

  • Seize every opportunity


Opportunity doesn’t knock the door again and again. Whenever it knocks your door, seize it like anything. If you have seen Messi on the pitch, you must know how he never misses his any chance t goal. Similarly, we also need to hit it hard and seize our goals.

  • Do your own thing


Do not imitate others’ sayings or doings. Be yourself, do your own thing and make the world learn the same. Do not affect yourself with what others say or do; just remember to give your best for your own satisfaction.

  • Be a team player


As a sports person, it was important for Messi to be a good team player. Had he not been true to his team, he would not have attained what he has. Even if you’re not a sports person, this rule still applies on you. One has to work as a team with his/her colleagues, mates, co-workers, partners etc. In every stage of life, team work and co-ordination is necessary. Be a team player, it will lessen the load of work on you, help you gain affection and respect of your people and and give you a sense of contentment towards your life.

So these were some of the golden rules of success given by Lionel Messi. Let us waste any time, and put these rules in application for our future’s betterment. Stay motivated!

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