A cyber geek recently broke into Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat account and threatened to leak nude photos of the reality star. But did it really happen? Let’s find out!

The crown of ‘teen celebrity’ not only comes with its studs but also with a certain amount of strain, and when that teen celebrity is Kylie Jenner, the case is even worse. Everybody is always looking to bring Kylie Jenner down and this is exactly what has happened again. Lately, a hacker broke into Kylie’s Snapchat account and threatened to leak nudes of the 19-year-old model.

The hacker’s attempt might be appropriately strategized, but unfortunately his efforts and attempt all went in vain. This is because the hacker didn’t find what he was actually looking for, The Nudes!


As a result, no naked photos have been released on the Internet because there weren’t any. Moreover the hacker followed the Initial threatening tweet with another one saying, “Jk she ain’t got nudes lol but rt my pinned tweet i want clout lol”.

In your face Mr.LOL! The account of the alleged hacker has been suspended!

After all this Cyber scene, it came to notice that Kylie Jenner doesn’t have any nudes in her Snapchat account, and the person behind this hazard was trying a revolutionary method to gain more followers in a quick succession.

Well, not only the hacker failed to pull out nudes from the Reality T.V. star’s Snapchat account, but he also got his account suspended.

Wait! Where is Kylie after all this mess?

It seems like the youngest member of the Kardashian family isn’t bothered by all this cyber drama at all! Kylie Jenner is yet to speak about this situation, but she isn’t holding back and is continuing to post sexy pictures of herself on Instagram.

Well, this carefree attitude has been witnessed before as well. Yes, this is what Kylie Jenner did last year when hackers broke into her Twitter account.

A string of offensive tweets were posted from her account with one reading, “I love being famous with no talent”. But Kylie gave it the cold shoulder. Moreover, instead of taking any legal action against the hacker, she chose to post a short video of herself enjoying white chocolate with a pretzel covering.

That’s the spirit! Good Job Kylie! She seemed to enjoy the moment as she tweeted “So my Twitter was hacked and I don’t really care, I’m just letting him have fun”.

Image Source – Instagram – @KylieJenner


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