Woah! Is this Kendall Jenner lying on that table?? Yes! After a very long time the second youngest member of the Kardashian family has gone completely nude and the Picture is really “Smoking” Hot!

Kendall Jenner doesn’t post nude photos to her social media accounts very often but when she does, she makes sure that they are better than anyone else. The Victoria secret model took her fans by surprise when she posted a smoking hot picture, wearing absolute nothing!

Kendal recently posted the picture to her Instagram account and since then it has already amassed 2.7 million likes. The picture is literally a smouldering one! The picture she shared is a black and white shot in which Kendall Jenner is lying on a table, completely nude. The only thing she fancied was a cigarette in between her fingers. However, the reality T.V. star doesn’t smoke and she declared it pretty clearly.

i don’t smoke

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“I don’t smoke” Kendall captioned the picture. Well, you don’t have to tell that Kenny, We know you don’t smoke!

Another Key Highlight of the photoshoot is it’s location. On a table, in the woods, under a chandelier. Amazing!

The 21-year-old supermodel often post some sensual pictures to her Instagram account but this nude photoshoot literally came as a surprise to millions of her fans. However, they all are loving it. Her fans started commenting on her picture right away and within no time the comment box was full with flirtatious and love messages. One comment read “Classic. Beautiful photograph”, while thousands of her fans showed their love by commenting with love hearts.

jet lag

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Unlike other members of the Kardashian family, Kendall Jenner rarely shares nude photos but this time she has proved that she has also got the Kardashian assets and genes.

Kendall Jenner is definitely one hell of a talented model! Be it walking the runway, steaming hot looks in photoshoots, She nails it everytime in a different avatar.

Image Source – Instagram – @KendallJenner


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