So, yesterday Samsung announced that they are going to launch the next note series phone Note 8 next month on 23rd of August.

So, this got me excited for handful of reasons out of which one is that Samsung is actually launching next note series phone after the last year bombing experience the company had to face. Though, some people wanted to keep their note 7 phone because they love their note 7 as it was indeed a beautiful and a powerful device but what happened with note 7 was unfortunate and then all that explosion jokes started and worst nightmare started for the Korean giant started.



Secondly, the display. Galaxy S8 and S8+ in my opinion are one of the best smartphone displays of 2017 and indeed most beautiful looking smartphones too. In Note 8 we can expect a larger display of about 6.3 inches. Screen size is not what made me excited but the thing that made me more excited is according to the leaks infinity display on note 8 will be more crazier than Galaxy S8 and S8+. So, am blown by the idea of this giant display in my hand with essentially bezel less display.


Next on number 3 is the camera of you can say cameras. Galaxy S8 and S8+ has one of the best camera but Samsung took a safe option by opting single camera lens rather than just opting dual camera lens like its competitors iPhone 7 plus, LG G6, OnePlus 5. Now we can expect a dual camera on Galaxy note 8.


There are reports which expect dual 13 megapixels or 12 megapixels but as per galaxy S8 I guess Samsung will drop galaxy Note 8 with 12 megapixels

Last thing am gonna step out of the reality and jump into dreamland fairytale kind of world with thing which can pretty much expect from galaxy note 8 is fingerprint sensor under the display against awkward sensor position on galaxy note 8. But according to the leaks this is not going to happen but what gives me hope is that Qualcomm dropped this technology way ahead the Apple and Samsung can’t stay behind.

So this was my wish with Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Let me know what’s your wish list.

Image Source – Google Images


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