What if I tell you that super cars exist in the real world! Amazed to hear that? Yes it’s true.

It’s none other than California based motor company – Lucid Motor and its new motor discovery -“Lucid Air”. It’s more powerful than ever!

In the first performance test, the top speed was limited to 217 mph, exceeding the team’s expectations. When the Air was tested again, the software speed limit was removed and resulted in even higher speeds, up to 235 mph. Lucid Air is amongst one of the fastest electric cars, but there is still room for improvement, Lucid believes.

Let’s further dig into the amazing features which Lucid Air has to offer:

Battery and charging


The lucid air battery is capable of 1,000 horsepower and enables range of up to 400 miles. Development of nearly ten years of battery pack has titled it to be the best in- energy class category. Its unique battery chemistry provides it a breakthrough tolerance for repeated fast-charging. Lots of batteries age prematurely if they are fast- charged regularly but with Lucid you can fast charge without any worries. Unique chemistry of battery helps Lucid to go through tolerance of repeated fast-charging.

Exterior Design

Lucid has fixed improved energy efficiency headlights which save 50% energy compared to the conventional LED headlights. The ultra-slim lighting system impersonate to insect eyes which literally uses thousands of micro-lenses. The arrangement of micro-lens contradicts the complexity of these self-adjusting headlights, which adds to the safety by adapting to any given situation. Lucid air will have a glass-canopy roof and 21-inch Lucid-design alloy wheels.

Interior Design

Lucid has been designed to give independent interior volume and maximum comfort. Lucid gives ultimate executive seating arrangement with up to 55 degrees of recline. One can enjoy comfort of first-class aircraft seats at the back of your car. Lucid offers the most comfortable riding experience in the market where it amalgamates air spring with active regenerative valve technology & low center of gravity to give you unparalleled synergy of indulging ride and precise handling. It has 29 speaker audio systems with active noise cancellation and upgraded cabin insulation gives you a true blue acoustic experience inside the car. Some more interior features include four screens, with interactive-touch surfaces on three, 10 advanced airbags, 5-seat configuration with a rear bench seat, over the air software updates etc.

Safety and connectivity


Lucid has kept safety features on top while creating the design. It has autonomous driving and active safety systems which increases the convenience and reduces the chances of accidents. Lucid will be delivered with comprehensive sensor suite having the capacity to scale complete autonomy through the ongoing software upgrades in the car. The beam forming microphones enables you to capture your voice instructions making it an uncomplicated interaction with systems no matter where you are seated. With the Lucid mobile app the mobility becomes even easier as the car is always ready to carry out your request which you make through the app.



Lucid air is said to be priced around $60,000 (exclusive of additional taxes and duties) as per the reports suggest.

This car could be your lifetime price possession and something which you would happily like to spend your hard earned money on. It’s a purchase which surely does not need a second thought if you have such solid bank balance.

Image Source – Google Images



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