How grand the Apple’s iPhone 8 will be as 10th anniversary special! We have brought you everything that is in the air about the next iPhone from Apple on their Anniversary.

Take a look at some of the leaked features and pictures:

  • Camera



It be similar to its predecessor iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. However, camera will now be vertically fitted, unlike the iPhone 7 Plus. In the front we will have a bezel-less screen, that means a bigger and sharper screen in the same old standard dimensions of Apple.

  • Processor


Bigger, Faster, and Smoother is what the iPhone 8 will be! The company will not just be introducing a new processor chip, A11 but it will also increase the RAM of the phone that means a Faster, Smoother and Revolutionary performance.

  • Home Button


The Iconic Home Button of Apple’s iPhone will not be there in the next iPhone. As the company has planned to go with a big screen in the same old dimensions, they have planned to remove their iconic home button. Apple will now be going with the new technology of Home Button under the screen. Apple is all up to compete as the technology of Home Button under the screen is already being used by their competitor.

As the company is getting rid of the home button Fingerprint Scanner needs to be relocated. It is most probably shifted to the back but we still have no idea how and where it will be placed.

  • Wireless Charging


Finally, Apple will be giving us what we have been asking from them for a long time, i.e. Wireless Charging. Looks like Apple has finally listened to all those emails, comments, tweets that requested Wireless Charging. This is not just a rumors or a guess but Apple is being smart over here by giving this out to the user themselves. In the latest iOS update, they have hinted about it by a small audio file that feels futuristic and hints about wireless charging.

  • Color


It is rumored that Apple will be introducing new color like they did with iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Users appreciated and loved the new Red iPhone preferred the new color over the colors that company offered.

  • Display


With big screen comes better quality. Apple is all set to update their display. iPhone has been using the same old display that worked and looked pretty great but was pretty old. Now, the company has finally decided to go for an AMOLED display in the next iPhone.

The iPhone 8 will give you a completely new feel in your hand. The upcoming phone will have a glass back instead of metal backs like its predecessors. Glass back will give a completely new feel in the hand that is what the main focus of the company is with their 10th-anniversary gift to its users.

Image Source – Google Images




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