Ricardo Kaka to A.C. Milan was one of the most successful transfers in the history of football and also the success Kaka and Milan has achieved together is simply fundamental. But, there’s a man who isn’t satisfied with that as he knew at that time also that Kaka is a big deal and the fee Milan were paying isn’t what he deserve for this player.

Ricardo Kaka who is also known as the ‘last human’ in football world as he was the one who won the prestigious FIFA BallonD’or award back in 2007 before Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi went on an extra-terrestrial fight of their own.

Kaka’s transfer from Santos to A.C. Milan was done by his and football world’s one of the most prominent agents, Wagner Ribeiro. Ribeiro was Kaka’s agent and also had a good relationship with his family.

But, according to him Kaka’s transfer to Milan was his worst work ever because he said that, “In terms of quality and business, Kaka’s transfer to Milan was my worst sale because he cost only 8.5 million euros in 2003,”

“There wasn’t a great deal of time left on his contract with Sao Paulo but he gave up on many things in order to go to Europe.” Ribeiro told UOL.

The amount of success Kaka achieved at Milan and also was the reason why European kings Real Madrid came calling for him. Thus, that move was one of the biggest transfers in football history but in terms of money it wasn’t a great deal because their were one or two more clubs who were offering more money than Milan but it was the call of destiny as things didn’t go well in terms of other club than Milan.

Thus, on economically basis it was one of the worst deals in football’s history and the thing which we have to see here is that an agent is coming forward and telling this transfer as his worst because he could’ve earned more money from that transfer which shows us that somewhere money is getting into the core of this beautiful game slow and steady and we should not let this business of selling and purchasing of players up to that extent that this game turns into a business one day.

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