“Comparison is the thief of joy.” —Theodore Roosevelt

Comparing ourselves with other is the thing we are doing since childhood in various fields. There are no. of categories in which we compare ourselves from others like grades, success, income, looks etc. and that’s not the end there are many more things which leads to envy people, unhappiness and stress.

Comparison lowers your self-esteem and confidence making it harder to believe what you have achieved. Here are five simple ways that can stop you from comparing yourself from others.

  • Stop believing social media


Social media just shows the positive and happy side of every person as no one uploads something on Instagram or Facebook which shows something that they aren’t proud of. Pictures of your friends enjoying on beaches, going to some beautiful places are really well planned and edited to upload which makes no sense to real life and getting jealous of it is not what you should opt for rather you should feel the positive side right now you are working to make it more bigger.

  • Stop comparing start appreciating

Don’t criticize for what you haven’t achieve yet, Appreciate yourself for how far you have come from the starting point!

Now that you have realized that comparing yourself with others is not a good practice to follow so just start appreciating your achievements with positivity because when we start focusing on others we lose our time that could be used on ourselves. Start appreciating what you have and make the best use of it. Think in a positive way to understand what is unique in you and you will start noticing it that you will find various things that you have which was hard to find when you were busy comparing yourself to others and was not appreciating what is in you.

  • Have Belief and Confidence


Best part of being human is that everybody is a unique character and consist of unique abilities leading to different ways of success so rather comparing yourself and following others path for your personnel success you should have believe on yourself that what are you right now is great and you can make it better by your own. Such confidence leads you to success without getting jealous of anyone else because you know what you can do is not easy for others and you are one of your own kind.

  • Turn Comparison into Inspiration

If he/she can then why can’t you??

Success never comes just by luck as behind every success story there is a lot of regular hidden hard work. Reading biography, asking questions to people you admire, knowing the hard fact that leads to success and following it are the best ways to be inspired rather being jealous of others. Inspiration leads us to confidence of doing everything with positivity and better hope.

  • Compare yourself with you

Your only competition is You

Best version of comparison is to compare yourself with you. This way you get to know your improvements, your achievements and will get aware of the productivity you have felt in yourself. Work hard to get what you want and take care of your physical and emotional well-being. Always set targets for yourself and try to celebrate your every achievement small or big. This way you will feel that you are so much happier and feels more productive than before. As said “Owning your story and loving yourself through that process is the bravest thing you’ll ever do.”

Always Remember, Comparing yourself with you will not only help you to stay on the right track but also it will provide you the right motivation in life to succeed!

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