He was an American entrepreneur, businessman, inventor, and industrial designer. He was an early proponent of personal computers and more of a cultural icon.

The co-founder, chairman, and chief executive officer (CEO) of Apple Inc. He’s Steve Jobs – one of the most successful businessmen and the sharpest mind in the world. In 2011, when he died at the age of 56, his net worth was calculated to be of $10.2 Billion.  We bring you today, his rules of success to Inspire you.

  1. Be willing to fail


Don’t get upset or sit down after you fail. Steve Jobs’ first rule of success is that you should be willing to fail. After failures only you will see success, if you achieve anything in your first attempt it was just your luck not hard work pay-off.

  1. Be a thinker and a doer


If you want to be a successful entrepreneur like Steve Jobs then widen your brain. Exceed its limit and think beyond it. Before taking any huge step, do think about the consequences and the aftermath. Always take both sides, positive and negative, of any decision you are willing to take. Be a good thinker and result would turn out to be you as a good doer.

  1. Question everything


Steve Jobs was fond of questioning during his prime and working days at Apple. Steve Jobs always said that you should always learn from others. If you are working under someone or getting a coaching then be a dumb like you know nothing. Grab everything you can from that person. You got to be a little bit selfish in the matter of gaining knowledge.

  1. Focus


Rule no. 4 of success by Steve Jobs is to stay focused. Focus on what you are doing. Keep in mind what will be the outcome of anything you do. The market is full of complications so you should always keep an eye on it. Any change in the market conditions could be beneficial for you at any time. Your mind should be focused enough to take any opportunity given and tackle the situations according to the need.

  1. Make great products


If you are an entrepreneur then it is your first job to get the customer satisfaction. It can only be received by providing good quality products. Steve Jobs’ company Apple is known for their fine quality products. Study the market and provide what the customers want!

  1. Act now!


Don’t put any work for tomorrow, finish it today. Steve Jobs always said to his employees, “If you have any idea, tell your superior. If he doesn’t listen to you, come to me directly!” He was the man of the present. This rule for sure brings success. Act now as time and tide wait for none.

There’s a lot of things you can learn from Steve Jobs’ rules of success! But the most important thing we learnt from his rules is – Try not to create something for yourself, If you are targeting growth, Then you must create something for your customers that will help them, Moreover you need to value your users as well as your creation! never take anything for granted and always stay focused as Steve Job said in the rule no.4!

We hope you follow these rules of success given by Steve Jobs and you achieve success in your life. Set your goals and start working on them from today!

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