With the new laws being implementing all over the nation by the Indian Government. We will surely enjoy some great experience and gifts by it.

As GST – Good and Services Taxes will soon come into rule from the 1st of the July 2017 many companies and industries are pretty happy and excited about it. To share their love and excitement with their customers, they are all up and free to express and share their love. Companies are dropping their rates on some big stuff. Some are saying that it is just clearance tactics of manufacturers and companies to get their old stocks out and can get a fresh start with the new age of GST.


The world of automobiles is also getting hit by the Storm of GST. Major motorcycle manufacturers like Bajaj, Royal Enfield, TVS and more are straight away going for a cut in the price of their bikes.

Royal Enfield

TVS and Royal Enfield are the two latest companies that started giving this benefit to their customers. Bajaj, one of the most loved manufacturers of motorbikes in India waste first one to cut the rates on the bikes and offer pretty nice price to its customers.


According to different CEO’s of different companies we have got the same statements that this just a reaction to the good news of GST and are showing their love and this is just a gift from us. We have seen a cut of up to 3,300 INR in the price of different bikes by different manufacturers. These rates will be different in different cities of the nation as the previous rates of the motorbikes use to different according to various laws of the state. So the cut will according to the difference in the prior rates of the bikes.

Well, GST is definitely a good new. If you were planning to bike a new bike, this is your chance. Go buy your dream bike and explore the nation on it.

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