Amazon one of the most leading e-commerce store and India’s favourite store is going big like never before.

Where government is playing some cards that will turn the table for the whole market of India, Amazon is also playing its best to make the best out of it. Amazon India is opening a lot of offline stores in different cities of India such as Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru and more cities.

Amazon is calling it a big Season End sale but only a fool won’t be able to see the hidden picture behind these actions and plans of Amazon India. Indian government’s latest ruke GST – Good and Service Taxes, which will change the laws and bring a new storm that will take India to new heights but this will also effect major companies who keep their stocks filled in all seasons.

Amazon India’s latest sale is all just a cover up to clear up their stocks so that they can clean up their bill sheets and can roll on easily with the new law that will roll out on 1st July 2017.


Amazon India has planned to open 12 offline stores all over the nation for the Indian public. As with the new taxation law, new and revised taxes will apply and the prices of the products will also get affected.

To make this step a complete blockbuster for the company and attract more and more buyers the company will be offering great discounts on their products, it is rumoured that Amazon India will go upto 80% discounts on the products.

This might be an attempt to clear stocks by the company but this is also an amazing opportunity for the public of the nation to buy all the things that they had in their cart for a long time.

We are really excited about these Offline Stores and the heavy discounts they will offer.

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