Samsung is one of the most trusted and loved companies in India. Samsung has always been up to serve the best to customers whether it is a laptop, smartphone, television or any other gadget.

Samsung has given the best and the latest technology and focused on bringing something unique and revolutionary with their products.


A few months back, Samsung was in there on the news and was facing hardcore comments and feedbacks for the latest smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 7 as the smartphones were blasting like bombs due to some issues in batteries of these smartphones.

For the same reason, Samsung had to recall all the sold Galaxy Note 7 smartphones back. This not only made the sales drop of the company but also made public to think twice before buying any Samsung phone. But as we all know Samsung is all about making table turns and came up with something new to rebuild their name in the market.


Samsung announced that they will be flaunting an infinite screen (a screen with no bezel) in their next smartphone caller Galaxy S8. The smartphone got pretty famous and hiked the sales of the company.

Now Samsung is back in new for something they really worked hard and were rooting for a long time, i.e the On-screen Fingerprint Scanner. According to the inside information, Samsung was planning to feature an On-screen Fingerprint Scanner in their next flagship smartphone, Galaxy Note 8.


But for the moment Samsung have to drop this feature and will release the new flagship smartphone with this feature. According to sources due to the On-screen Fingerprint Scanner, Galaxy Note 8 is facing some issues.

The screen brightness is really getting effected and the brightness of the phone near the On-screen Fingerprint Scanner stays a little bit brighter than the whole screen.

Samsung was working on this technology for a long time and had planned to introduce this technology with Galaxy Note 8 wand was like a trump card against the 10th-anniversary surprise of Apple.

Image Source – Google Images


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