The man needs no introduction. The richest person in the world, one of the best entrepreneurs in the field of personal computers, co-founder of Microsoft and who has been a part of Forbes list of the world’s wealthiest people since 1987 i.e. for thirty years, the man himself, BILL GATES.

Bill Gates is one of the greatest personalities we know. He has been an inspiration for many youngsters how he started his journey from being an entrepreneur with his small startup and being the richest man on the Earth. Today, I bring to you top rules of Bill Gates which made him successful and can inspire you to reach to your aims and goals.

Rule no. 1: Have Energy

A rare picture of young Bill gates captured after he co-founded Microsoft

Bill Gates was always the man with high energy during his young days. He usually asks young businessmen to have energy to tackle all the problems they will face in the beginning of their journey. You should also have enough patience as nothing is ever easy, We are very well-known with the quote ‘Rome was not built in a day’, it applies here.

Rule no. 2: Have a bad influence


Bill Gates was never good in academics. His teachers used to call him loser and that loser is now the richest man of the world. In this context don’t ever feel depressed if you’re not good in academics, this couldn’t stop you from being successful or form a hurdle in your path of success. Turns this bad influence into a good one and use it as a motivational thing to reach the heights of success.

Rule no. 3: Work Hard


An old proverb, ‘Hard work is the key to success’ is subjected to be the most inspirational quote till date. Bill Gates is the man who followed it strictly. He started from a small setup with Paul Allen named as Microsoft and converted this into the world’s largest PC software company. So don’t ever stop working hard without achieving your dreams.

Rule no. 4: Create your future

If you won’t think for your future then who else would?!

Instead of wasting time here and there, youth of current generation should focus on creating their future. Entertainment is necessary but thinking and doing something about your future is more necessary. Bill Gates always sent this message to young entrepreneurs, ‘Work hard and live for the future’.

Rule no. 5: Enjoy what you do

If You will not enjoy what you do, the chances of success are very less or nil because you won’t do anything with passion

Bill Gates always enjoyed what he did. He loved to solve the daily problems faced by his company or software which were having issues. He loved his job and asked everyone to select that field in which you do not get bored and earn while enjoying it.

Rule no. 6: Ask for advice

A rare snap of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs together at an Interview

Bill Gates in an old interview told how he used to ask advices from the people around him, people who knew him and his capabilities and people he could trust for suggestions. He always used to ask them for an advice and use it as per the requirement. Also, he mentioned that you must not strictly follow that advice. You should also use your brain.

Rule no. 7: Pick good people


In my personal opinion, the best rule of success given by Bill Gates was to pick few people, but good people. Bill Gates’ list of favourite people was really short including his wife, Melinda and his two or three friends. Similar to Bill Gates’ theory of selection of people around, you should also follow it and select those whom you can trust for all your ideas and who can trust you.

“Well that’s not it! It’s never over, it’s a cycle that keep going and going! Think! Apply! Achieve! This is what you all can do to be something in life, And always, remember always stay Motivated”!

We hope these seven golden rules of success which were followed by Bill Gates himself will help you in achieving your aims and goals and be a successful person in your life.

Image Source – Google Images


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