Some creepy rumours are stating that the rapper Kanye West is presently stalking the singer Rihanna. The reasons for the action are still unknown, but it is almost confirmed that the news is true. Actually, Rihanna finds the stalker persona of Kanye West very discomforting.

A source says:

Kanye is virtually stalking his old protege Rihanna. It’s creeping her out. He’s been texting, calling and even showing up at her house or parties, hoping to find her so they can hang out.”

Things started normally as the duo started experiencing some great meet-ups at common places regularly. However, things got a bit creepy when Kanye West visits the favourite places of Rihanna now and then to meet her for no reason at all. No one knows about the uneasy feelings of Kanye, but he is totally inclined towards hanging out with Rihanna. Talking about the news, the source added:

“Besides being highly inappropriate to his wife, it’s bizarre behaviour because he’s making himself look lame and kind of desperate. But Kanye’s got very few friends in his life right now and is desperate to build back his inner circle. In his head, if he can get RiRi back on board, the rest of his old friends and opportunities will follow.”

Kanye West is not as much social when it comes to friends and hanging out. Though, his actions clearly term him as a desperate guy who is in need of a friend. He can just confront Rihanna about the matter, and we all know that the singer would never cut off Kanye West. Though, who knows what’s going on for real?

Image Source – Google Images


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