Pokemon Go that took the gamers around the world with a storm when it was launched and have the same craze even after so many months of the launch among the users.

Pokemon Go, a game based on the animated series with the same name Pokemon was developed by Niantic Co. to bring the good old days of 90’s. Niantic Co. developed this game to make the young generation go back into the wild and open instead of keep playing in a dark room. Hats off to the developers that they have been able to keep Pokemon Go interesting and engaging so that users can stay in the wild.


Niantic Co. has been able to do so by the regular events and surprises that keep introducing in the game. Such as Valentine’s Day special event, New Year event, Christmas event and more. Now Niantic Co. has taken another big step and has given us a special invite to be an insider of the game and let the users know what all it takes to make the game. We got peek into a certain section of the game that we all love, the Pokemon Go loading screen wallpaper.


On the official site of Niantic Co.’s Pokemon Go game, an article was released where the developers have to give us an inside view of what it all takes to create the Pokemon Go loading screen and their sweet, gentle and important reminders and warnings.

Thanks to Mieke Hutchins the superstar artist at Niantic Co. for the Pokemon Go game we have seen so great arts.


So the developers have given us an opportunity to be a part of what all goes around to make that wallpaper for the loading screen that gives us that unexplainable feeling whenever we open Pokemon Go. Have a look at the article at the official site of the Pokemon Go game.

Image Source – Google Images




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